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A Cat Slots Game for Cat Lovers
It seems everywhere you turn on the Internet today, you will see cats. Cats are popping up on mobile phone apps, social media sites and more, making you wonder just what it is about cats that makes them so attractive. While many people simply find cats are cute, there is more to the story than that. There are many ideas why the cat has become such a popular icon on the Internet. Some feel there is just something about the way a cat looks that tugs at the heart strings. Others feel there is no other way to brag about or show off their cats. After all, dog owners walk their dogs and take them to the park. Cat owners don't have that luxury.
Cats have long been a focus throughout history, even dating back to the ancient civilizations of Europe and Africa. Based on the information that has been found in Egyptian tombs, cats have been an important part of life, especially for Egyptian royalty. Cats even make appearances in the mythology of various civilizations throughout Europe, including Greek and Norwegian. However, once the medieval times came into play, cats obtained a negative reputation, sometimes being associated with the devil or bad luck.
Cats Slots
People who really love cats will love to play cat-themed casino games online, including the cats slots. This online version of a slot machine allows you to play using anywhere from 1p to 50p with up to 30 paylines running at once. You get to choose the number of paylines you play, as well as how much you bet per line. If you win, you will receive the highest payout on a single line play or the winnings will be added when you play multiple lines. This can allow you to make more money on your games, multiplying your winnings with just one spin.
The cute cats used on the slot reels provide you with many opportunities to win. Each reel features a variety of cats, both in single and double pictures, allowing you to win, even if you don't have matching symbols. For instance, if you have a single picture of one type of cat and a double picture of the same type of cat, you will win based on matching three cats. Each line can provide you with up to 10 matches for an even bigger payout. The "Cats" logo is a wild card.
The middle three reels on the Cats online slot machine may also turn up with single or double paw prints. These paw prints mean free spins for you. Five paw prints will equal five free spins, while six paw prints give you 10 free spins. Anything less than five will not offer you any additional spins.
If you love cats, the Cats online slot machine makes the perfect option for your entertainment. Win money and enjoy cute cats, all at the same time on Virgin Casino!