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Games can not be influenced at will

The computer operates Erdmann at Jena University studies on gambling. He wants to know how you can determine whether a game is a game of chance, or whether you need a strategy to succeed in the game.

One thing he knows for sure now, namely, that of overestimating the impact of the player on the game enormously, as in real life too. His doctoral dissertation is titled "For the classification of luck and strategy games" and he wants to shed light on the characteristics of the games closer. Who decides in the end, what game is a game and what not?

According to Erdmann, the range is huge. It ranges from pure gambling like roulette through to strategy game par excellence, the chess. To backgammon wise choices are just as important as a bit of luck, if you want to win. To make a statement about the properties of different players, he has designed a model, which is based on a game of Althofer "A stone does not play dice". Erdmann subsequently developed a model which tries to describe the casino affiliate promotions, and takes into account the following trains, this is called a game tree.

The design is also oriented so that all players know the complete score. Poker therefore can not be represented with this model, because the players do not know the entire score. The theses which Erdmann can put up with its abstract design on the properties of certain games generalize the facts, of course, because the influence of the players at every game is important. There is for example a lower difference whether two children or two adults Tic Tac Toe.

For the children there is a strategy game for the adults, there is no longer, because they have fully analyzed, says Erdmann. This means that a unique measure of luck and strategy games is impossible, for a game to be able to classify unambiguously, one must analyze it for the actual players, says Erdmann. In a casino game like roulette, which is very popular, you can tell by using Erdmann model quite clear that the time decide here whether it was a gamble or not.

Will not only played through a long period of Roulette is a game of chance. Roulette games for a long time, always win the bank says Erdmann. This is a bitter and painful reality. His work allows Erdmann not only to make statements about the properties of different games, but also about how people can influence their daily lives. But this argument is somewhat painful because this work shows that one in everyday life fundamentally overestimate its influence.